Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vet vist on Feb 26, 2014

We were able to get into our local vets office today. She said that the red nipple was not getting proper blood flow. And would fall off on it's own. It is nothing to worry about, unless the area around it changes and gets infected. She took out the stitches from all the incisions. She said even though they were meant to fall out on there own. She has seen them stay in other animals over 3 years. She also said every thing looked good. The incisions were so well done there is not much of a cut line scar.

We still have to keep an eye out for re-occurrence of new lumps. This may not happen. But some times it happens. We are so happy this has turned out so well. The surgery was done by a wonderful vet. At a near by animal shelter. But we were so happy our local vet got us in right away. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Update after surgery

A Felon (Cat) mammary gland (breast) tumor was remove on Feb 10, 2014 This is what Sassy looks like today. The cut seems to be healed. But the nipple is getting so red it is almost black. Will be calling the vet, Monday to see if this is normal.

I did not take photos of the first week, I did not want to stress or hurt her for the sake of an image.  I also do not know how much longer it will take for the stitches to fall out on there own. I read some where they top them with glue. That may be what is seen in this photo. I still need to get a clear photo of her other incision. 
I found a good page with more info on cancer in cats.   
From this link we found the following
What are the symptoms of breast cancer in cats?
By the time the cat is brought to the clinic for examination, the mammary cancer is usually in an advanced stage. The
tumors may adhere to the overlying skin and are typically firm and nodular. Ulceration of the masses is present in about
25% cats and the involved nipples may be red and swollen, oozing yellowish fluid.
We so hope the red does not mean the Cancer has spread. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sassy's surgery

At this time, Sassy is recovering from surgery.done on Feb 10, 2014.  She had one tumor removed from her breast. The other 2 lumps removed were said to be fatty lumps. and nothing to worry about.
This is the one with the tumor
This is where the fatty lumps were removed

The blur on top is 4  fingers
From researching, information on Breast cancer and tumors in cat's It is almost the same as in humans,

 I found it is very important to have your cat spayed before the age of 6 month. Sassy either was not spayed early or she is one of the few who can still get it. 

Male cats can get it. But not likely. You need to feel from the armpits down and all over the body. 

 Sassy had 1 tumor on the breast. And (2 on the side of them, that turned out to be fatty lumps.) So she had 3 incisions. She  was not drastically cut like I saw some surgeons did on utube videos. It is important to ask the vet. How S/he will cut the cat. Minimal is so much better. And if it will be a lump removal or the entire breast. The cost can be high. But we were lucky to have the shelter in a near by area. Who offered very low cost, quality surgery. We were lucky. One person we saw online paid $1,400. So you can find lower cost if you look around. 

There is a chance this can regrow. But like in humans it could be gone forever. You never know. But this can extend the life of the cat 3+ years. One site I looked at said 3-5 years. Like the commercial on TV. There is no expiration label on the foot of your cat. So you have to think positive. And know in your heart, this is the right thing to do. We did not send away the mass for lab work. It would have been more than the surgery. 

 We know from stats. "over 85 percent of mammary tumors in cats are malignant "

I learned a mastectomy verses a lumpectomy, will more than likely keep the tumor from reoccurring.  But cancer could still form in the outer lining. If it was not caught in time.   And the smaller the lump the better chance of survival results.
Sassy has been loosing hair by leaps and bounds. But we assume it is from her being an out side cat living on the streets, now turned into an inside cat. Because in People it is chemo, that causes the hair loss. Not the cancer. Sassy will not be having chemo. We have high hopes this surgery will take care of her issue. Only time will tell. If you find you have this issue. Watch some of the utube videos. If you can deal with watching a surgery preformed. You will see good and bad. But So happy we had the best for Sassy. The smaller the cut the faster they heal.
There is more info on the net. But this is the basic info. That helped me decide to go forth with knowing, this is the right thing to do.

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