Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vet vist on Feb 26, 2014

We were able to get into our local vets office today. She said that the red nipple was not getting proper blood flow. And would fall off on it's own. It is nothing to worry about, unless the area around it changes and gets infected. She took out the stitches from all the incisions. She said even though they were meant to fall out on there own. She has seen them stay in other animals over 3 years. She also said every thing looked good. The incisions were so well done there is not much of a cut line scar.

We still have to keep an eye out for re-occurrence of new lumps. This may not happen. But some times it happens. We are so happy this has turned out so well. The surgery was done by a wonderful vet. At a near by animal shelter. But we were so happy our local vet got us in right away. 

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  1. That's wonderful news! Sassy honey you have the cutest belly and I'm sending ya some tummy rubs! Headbonks, love and kisses from Gizmo too!