Sunday, February 23, 2014

Update after surgery

A Felon (Cat) mammary gland (breast) tumor was remove on Feb 10, 2014 This is what Sassy looks like today. The cut seems to be healed. But the nipple is getting so red it is almost black. Will be calling the vet, Monday to see if this is normal.

I did not take photos of the first week, I did not want to stress or hurt her for the sake of an image.  I also do not know how much longer it will take for the stitches to fall out on there own. I read some where they top them with glue. That may be what is seen in this photo. I still need to get a clear photo of her other incision. 
I found a good page with more info on cancer in cats.   
From this link we found the following
What are the symptoms of breast cancer in cats?
By the time the cat is brought to the clinic for examination, the mammary cancer is usually in an advanced stage. The
tumors may adhere to the overlying skin and are typically firm and nodular. Ulceration of the masses is present in about
25% cats and the involved nipples may be red and swollen, oozing yellowish fluid.
We so hope the red does not mean the Cancer has spread. 

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  1. So happy that Sassy is doing so well and continues. She holds a very special place in my heart, she's a real trooper! Love you Sassy!